Our Values & CSR

Diversity and Inclusion

Nastrac is a firm and proud believer in diversity and inclusion. We practice what we preach and strive continuously to ensure that we maintain diversity across our team, across nationalities, cultures, gender, age and sexual orientation. We are proudly represented by 60% of women, 20% LGBT, 40% youth and nationalities from across the world.

Entrepreneurship and Passion

Nastrac is proud of its spirit of entrepreneurship and is a company by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. The ethos of entrepreneurship is very evident in every leader of the company, the passion to excel and provide best in class results to our clients is what we take pride in.

Equal opportunities

No mountain high enough - no glass ceiling, this is the motto in Nastrac. Every Nastrac employee can hope to be a director one day. Every director can hope to have equity in the company. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are – you are only judged by your work and attitude.


The spirit of entrepreneurship is visible in every Nastrac employee. The sense of empowerment and liberation is one of the most important values within Nastrac.

Honesty and Respect

Whether it is our candidates or our clients, our colleagues or our suppliers - anyone connected in any way with Nastrac will be treated with complete honesty and respect. You can be rest assured you are working with a company that ensures their work ethic is maintained and highly valued.


Nastrac is certified for data protection. Any information you share with us will be treated with confidentiality and privacy. If you are a client or a candidate, we hugely value and respect the trust you placed in us and in Nastrac, you can trust us as your faithful and loyal partner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nastrac is actively engaged in CSR, especially around people-related issues.

Youth employment
○  At times of economic crisis, graduates and the youth are among the most vulnerable class of employees. They experienced dire levels of unemployment and underemployment following the financial crisis of 2008, with the worst affected areas experiencing youth unemployment rates of over 50%. Nastrac has pledged to make its own contribution by providing opportunities to interns and fresh graduates all year round.

Re-employment of women
○  Nastrac founded an initiative called RULE (Resources Untapped Lets Empower) in 2005 to encourage and work alongside women on career breaks. RULE helps women return to the workforce and Nastrac employs 20% of its workforce through this initiative. We also work with our clients to encourage hiring and re-employment of returning mothers.

Charity comes from within
○  Nastrac offers 3% of the fee collected to a charity of our client’s choice. This collaboration of initiative between Nastrac and its clients has helped many charitable organisations benefit tremendously.

Charity Partnership


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