Why Nastrac?

Boutique and Personalised, Customisable and Flexible

Nastrac has always been a boutique company. A company that works as an extension and partner of its client organisations and works together in a manner most comfortable and suited to our client’s requests. Nastrac is a partner that is flexible, collaborative and extremely customisable.

Consultative and Value Adding

Recruitment and Search have taken a whole lot more meaning than just the analysis of a resume. It encompasses the responsibility of finding the best candidate for a role and organisation, finding the perfect combination of values and ethos both for the candidates and clients. Nastrac directors and consultants are senior professionals from the industry. Having been on the client side, we are able to understand the client ecosystem and empathise with client’s issues in order to be in a position to best suggest and give advice on the search.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality Fanatics!

Nastrac has been feted by Singapore Quality Medallion, a coveted medal of endorsement for our quality and commitment to client delight. Our many other awards emphatically speak of our commitment to client satisfaction. 70% of our clients each year are repeat clients confirming our results and quality standards. Of the 19 years in business, Nastrac have built loyal relationships with clients, some of whom have stayed with the business for over 16 years!

By Diversity, for Diversity

All mandates are managed by our diverse team of professionals with backgrounds in Human Rights Studies, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology and Community Development as well as other D&I related streams, both by education and profession. As a certified minority and women’s-owned business enterprise, Nastrac is composed of a highly diverse group of professionals who provide a unique cultural perspective that enables the team to build effective and lasting D&I solutions for our clients.

Entrepreneurial and Driven for Results

A driven and passionate team ensures positivity and optimism in our offices, which is clearly visible to our clients and candidates. Working with our professionals is a tremendously energising process. Our attitude and approach ensures candidates trust us with their career change and enjoy working with us. Our positivity is seen in our interaction between our clients and potential candidates: throughout the process, we are the brand ambassadors for our clients

Interview with our Founder, Nina Alag Suri


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