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Nastrac was founded in 1997 and is a Nastrac Group company. Initially the company focused on technology sector and had offices in India, UK and Finland. The company expanded its scope to include Telecommunications and the Banking & Finance sectors within its area of expertise and further established its presences across APAC via its offices in Singapore and Australia. Today Nastrac operates across APAC, UK, Europe, India, Middle East and the United States. Our global presence ensures we can service our clients across multiple locations.

Nastrac offers middle to senior management level hiring solutions to its clients. The company works closely with its clients to understand their working style, culture, expertise areas and future plans in order to be able to identify ideal candidates for them.

Professionals seeking help in their career search will typically first have an indepth meeting with one of the consultants. This will help establish the skills of the individual, his personality traits and person's aspirations inorder to find the ideal company for them to work with.

Our association with clients and professionals is  long term relationship based and we are very conscious of our track record both during the recruitment & selection process as well as the post selection performance of our professionals with the client.