C-Level Search

Nastrac specialises in leadership hiring and understands the enormity and complexity of sourcing highly suitable CEO candidates. We offer a high-quality service to help companies locate their future leader.

C-Level Search

Nastrac’s C-level hiring team search for various high ranking executive titles. These include C-suite e.g. CEO,CFO, COO, CTO and countless more roles. Our professionalism and confidentiality enable our team to delve into the past experiences and core attributes of our candidates, ensuring only positive outcomes that please both the client and the new C-level hire. Our goal is to focus on all angles of the available role. When it comes to C – level hiring, it is not merely a choice made between those with leadership traits and business metiers but instead a detailed process, where we study the key skills essential for each C-level position. This then allows us to pick out the candidate that is almost a recipe for success within the clients company.

Nastrac has specialised in leadership hiring for nearly two decades and understands the enormity and complexity of sourcing highly suitable candidates. Thus, we offer a high-quality service to help organisations locate innovative leaders and strive to simplify the stressful and complex process for our clients. We have extensive experience of helping our clients select outstanding leaders who enable their organisations to flourish. We offer a tailored service to every individual client, helping them execute their search and decipher what is the most suitable strategy for success. We work closely with each of our clients to critically understand their working style, culture, work expertise and future objectives in order to identify only highly suitable executive candidates.

CEO Succession

It is undeniable that selecting the next CEO of an organisation is an extremely important decision and an excellent opportunity to shape the future of an organisation. A new leader can allow an organisation to flourish; positively influencing the trajectory and success of the company. However, recruiting the most suitable CEO can be a difficult task which is fraught with risk. At Nastrac the risk can be effectively managed to ensure that at the end of the recruitment process, the search committee is highly satisfied as they have selected the ideal individual for the position.

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For a confidential initial discussion, please contact our Founder and Chief Entrepreneur, Nina Alag Suri. Nina independently established Nastrac in 1997 in India. Prior to this extremely successful venture, Nina worked for a number of large technology companies in senior leadership positions. Nastrac has extremely modest origins; Nina founded the organisation in a garage with neither substantial investment nor external funding. However, Nina’s excellent leadership skills and constant belief that everything-is-possible-with-hard-work-and-commitment has ensured that Nastrac is now a multi-award winning strategic-leadership enterprise with a global reach. Ultimately, Nina’s expertise and wealth of leadership experience informs Nastrac’s clear understanding of what makes an ideal leader in the contemporary world of business. In turn, we source only the very best leadership candidates for our clients!

Typical Assignments

Chief Technology Officer

Tech Startup


Chief Financial Officer

Financial Services


Chief Executive Officer

Technology Consulting Firm


Chief Executive Officer

Entertainment and Media Firm


Chief Strategy Officer



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