Diversity & Inclusion Services

Diversity and Inclusion Solutions is a specialist service vertical within Nastrac. We were recently coveted with the Global Diversity Award for 2016. Nastrac takes pride in helping its clients build a world-class workforce that is diverse and inclusive in nature.

Recruitment & RPO

Nastrac strives to help businesses obtain a world-class workforce that is diverse and inclusive in nature. Whether it be working towards gender parity, engaging LGBT candidates, working with people with disabilities or growing the number of ethnic minorities in your business, Nastrac is the go to destination for all D&I related recruitment.

Consulting Services

Nastrac represents a large pool of diversity experts who specialize in diversity audits, unconscious bias training, cultural due diligence and training internal recruiters on diversity among others. We also have specialists in HR predictive analytics, who interpret attrition statistics, loyalty and correlational analysis as well as forecasting future resignations in the business.

D&I Marketing

Nastrac offers bespoke Diversity & Inclusion Marketing including end to end delivery of creative campaigns, Diversity event management and Employer Branding strategies, which give our clients a competitive advantage by embracing the power of Diversity.

D&I Analytics

Nastrac's D&I Analytics solution create interpretable dashboard to highlight the diversity index and performance by team to company level over time. This data improve the impact of Inclusion and Diversity initiatives on team to company level innovation, performance and ROI.

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