Inclusion & Diversity Analytics


What Can We Do?

– Visualise D&I trends over time & drill down into various regional and departmental levels, including making regional, global and interdepartmental comparisons.

– Forecast employee attrition in terms of its effect on diversity figures to allow for proactive succession planning and/or retention strategies.

– Visualise the company’s D&I statistics against industry/competition standards to the granular level of department and job function.

– Identify the effect of diversity on performance/productivity in your organisation.


So How Does It Work?


Business Requirements

– Get the full picture – convert your data into visuals which are simple and easy to understand.

– Identify current D&I initiatives’ impact on Loyalty, Performance, Engagement and Innovation

– Build a recommendation system for the hiring process that maximises Diversity.

– Integrate data from all the entities globally and have a go-to-solution for D&I hiring.




Visual representation of global D&I metrics

Visualise the company's D&I statistics against industry/competition standards

Impact of D&I initiatives on performance & diversity index

Loyalty & Retention

Discover how many people might leave your organisation in the next 12 months so that you can prepare headcount planning and a hiring pipeline.

Recruitment recommendations

Including interpretation of data, highlighted action points, suggested solutions, associated timelines, etc.

Country level alerts

Visualising the trend of D&I metrics over time & drilling down into various regional levels, including making regional comparisons as opposed to global ones.

Diversity Overview and Predictions

Measure and predict outcomes of your D&I initiatives

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