Corporate & Leadership Hiring

Our strengths include identifying mid-to-senior level positions, globally, and across industries, through Nastrac’s intensive search methodology and marketing mapping.

Corporate Hiring

A strong corporate team is the backbone of a structured company. It takes a force to run an organisation. Nastrac’s productivity and strength is shown through the company’s efficient architecture. This enables hard work and enthusiasm for our goals, increasing company clientele and successful partnerships with candidates and clients.

Our strengths include identifying mid-to-senior level positions, globally, and across an array of industries. Additionally, if diversity and inclusion are a strong charter for your organisation, our corporate hiring team will work seamlessly with our diversity team to ensure that both these needs are aptly met.

Nastrac’s intensive search methodology includes the following process:

The Brief

The brief includes a thorough understanding of our client’s ecosystem. We aim to understand the role and what our clients need from potential candidates; from a candidate’s soft skills to work experience to the general attributes they want to see in a potential candidate.

The Shortlist

This includes a process of drawing an initial “long list” to map the market for the best fitting candidates for the brief. The long list may then be shared with the client if they so wish. Nastrac consultants then begin working on the list, interviewing candidate’s thoroughly, either face-to-face or via video conference to form a “shortlist”.

An interesting option of Video Interviews are also available for clients to see a short five minute video clip of the potential candidate before deciding to add them to the shortlist.

Researching and Market Mapping

Nastrac never underestimates the lengthy process of finding the ideal candidate for the job. All consultants use their professionalism and experience to carry out the process. This process includes market mapping and analysis, business intelligence, extensive researching and careful validation of candidates.

Positioning and Branding

Nastrac takes care to ensure we position our clients in the best possible light and convey the client’s best practices to the potential candidates. As our client’s brand ambassador, we ensure we present the client in the most truthful and authentic manner to our candidates while ensuring we highlight the benefits of working with them.

Offer Management and Closure

We work alongside our clients throughout the entire process, ensuring a transparent and open dialogue both with our candidates and clients, ensuring that our clients are aware of any changes or progress. We inform you every step of the way so that you are aware of various stages including salary negotiations, reference checks and the smooth closure of the offer.

Typical Assignments

Group CFO

Private Equity Real Estate

Financial Services

Investment of Finance

Global Tech Company

Financial Services

Director of Capital Markets

European Property Developer

Financial Services

Head of Data Engineering

Global Media Tech Company


VP Product Marketing

Global IT Services Provider


EVP Global Sales

Aviation Technology Company


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