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We are always keen to discuss the growth of our company and have been extremely fortunate to receive awards for our hard work over the last 19 years. Maximum engagement within the press and media only enhances Nastrac’s client and candidate acquisition and enables us to connect with business professionals worldwide.

SME Recruitment – The Recruiter – Point of Last Resort?

Finding the right senior talent to help spearhead an SME in the market is no easy feat. No matter which phase the SME is in, taking time away from a hectic and growing schedule to devote to searching for senior level talent requirements can be a challenge. After having worked in the recruitment business for […]

Diversity and Brands – Learnings from Adidas, Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton

A growing number of global organisations are re-engineering their entire vision towards building effective organisational frameworks centering around Diversity and Inclusion and by doing so, succeeding by leaps and bounds, both with internal (employees) and external (customers) stakeholders. Now, soak in this statement below:   “I believe it’s a unique combination to have: Diversity Recruitment and Fashion […]

Interview with Nina Alag Suri, Founder and Group CEO, Nastrac

Nina Alag Suri, Founder and CEO, Nastrac, receives the award Female Business Personality of the Year and Consultancy Firm of the Year in Singapore in 2016. Even after 19 years of accumulated success, Nastrac is still synonymous with Spirit of Entrepreneurship. Ms Nina Alag Suri joins us to discuss the company’s success. Interview with Nina […]

Nastrac’s launch of Diversity-Focused Recruitment

Nastrac Group is extremely excited to announce the launch of Diversity-Focused Recruitment, which is our new area of expertise. Nastrac recognises that diversity in the world of business is of the utmost importance, with there being a plethora of benefits that arise from diversity in the workforce. For example, a diverse team who share a […]

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